Careers in wild animal welfare

Careers in wild animal welfare


What organisations currently work in this area? What do they do that’s impactful? What could they do to have more impact?
Is the area talent constrained or funding constrained, or something else? What are the biggest bottlenecks to helping wild animals today?
  • How might they be addressed?
If the area is talent constrained, what skill profile is needed?
If the area is funding constrained, how might we get more funding?
What are the biggest unanswered questions in wild animal welfare today? What work could be done to tackle them? Is there a particular project that could be valuable for wild animals?
  • What disciplines within wild animal welfare need the most researchers?
What are your best next steps? What do you need to learn more about, or what do you need to do, based on what you have learned?


Extant Organisations:


Animal Charity Evaluators, Review of Wild Animal Initiative


Animal Advocacy Careers, Job Board
O. Horta, How we can best help wild animals (particularly 16:40 onwards)